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Blasé 2 ABLAZE Podcast

Tim Buwick

How do you keep your fire burning up when the rain keeps pouring down? It’s easy to stay stoked when you’re on a roll. But what happens when everything seems to be rolling downhill? How do you stay positive when your circumstances seem negative? How can you possibly stay optimistic when the world around us is pessimistic? Author, speaker, coach and teacher Tim Buwick is obsessed with helping people find their passion & purpose. He has been, and continues to be, on the front lines in the battle of the heart, mind, and soul, a war which he describes this way: “When bad things happen, will you be bitter…or better?” Join Tim each week as he explores how to get the most, and give the most, out of every day of our lives. Statistically we have only 28,809 of them. We better make each one count!